Bass overdrive patches are "noisy"/crackly

Does anyone else have problems with the overdriven bass patches?
On my bass they ‘overdrive’ and distort too much on headphones. As soon as i start playing and the noisegate kicks off, it’s like hearing a crackly radio.
(I’m a noob at the quad cortex/modellers in general)
I tried reducing the level of input on the jack, reducing the headphone output/level but it still sounds pretty bad. I also tried changing input impedance. All to no real avail.
The funny thing is when i use the same patch with guitar it does not have the same problem.
My bass is a Mexican P-bass that sounds just fine connected to a real amp.
Any one with the same problem or a trick I could try to fix it?

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Hi @Yoma and welcome to the community! Sorry to hear you are having issues with your bass presets etc. Do you hear the same sounds when not using headphones (e.g. output into amp/FRFR/PA etc.)?
If the presets sound fine when using your guitar, I would have to assume there is a shielding issue or similar problem with your bass. Can your headphones reproduce the low end effectively? Also I would suggest trying a few different cables as some are shielded better than others. Worst case, email and they should be able to sort your issues out.

Thanks for the info.
I tested both headphones and an amp with the same results.
I did find something out though.
I just tested with another bass (American Jazz Bass) with pickups that have a lot higher output.
With the P-bass i had to turn up input gain, with the Jazz bass not. Apparently I seem to get this probleem when upping the input gain to get about the same volume on the PBass as on the Jazzbass.
The weird thing is that in “metering” they get about the same values when i increase the gain.
Will test a bit more. Besides that i"m totally loving the device. Great job guys!


Thanks for the updates! I will leave this open for a few in case anyone else has any input etc.

Just to let everyone know: there seems to be a problem with my P-bass itself after all. I’ll get it fixed.