Feature Request - Save Looper loops within the internal memory

As a newbie here this may have been covered, but coming from Headrush to the QC, however good I think the QC is (it sounds glorious!) there is one thing that makes the Headrush MX5, which costs a 1/4 of the price, stand out is the way you can save and load loops in the looper function.

This makes it an incredible writing tool, as you can literally save any loop you like in the the memory, and export it as a .WAV file to use elsewhere. And the ability to store loops in .WAV format means you have a library of your favourite loops at hand all the time.

I’d love to see a SAVE and LOAD function on the QC (and the ability to export loops as .WAV files)

Anyone else?

Fully agree, this would be a nice feature both for practising and songwriting!


there was talk before it was released of a Superlooper and a basic version. I think most assumed the basic version would come first, and the SuperDuperLooperScooper would eventually be added. Never really heard which version was released. It seemed fairly “super” at the time, so I don’t know if there’s an advanced one still in the works or not. It would be pretty super to have more than one loop at a time.

One thing that Headrest never got around to, not yet anyway, is being able to load loops on the fly; ie using foot switches or even better assigning loops to certain patches, so that the loop loads automatically when you select that patch. This feature would really make the QC stand out from the competition!

I have a concern about this request, or permutations of it.

I’m making the assumption that the loops are currently stored in RAM - am I correct?

The internal storage for the QC is a micro SD card. Are write cycles something to worry about if the SD card is heavily used for looping?

I may be out of date about such things. People used to worry.

Just noting that the idea to save and play loops was also mentioned in this feature request.

Perhaps something can be worked out?

Oops, Headrush not Headrest!

For real? The QC uses a micro SD card? And it’s not user replaceable? Seems like an odd arrangement…

  • 1 from me. I’m not saying that the audio files need to be downloadable from the cloud or anything, or even mp3 format or anything like that; I’d just love to be able to save loops (.wav?) to the internal memory (and obviously export them using wifi or the eventual desktop editor) It really is the thing that makes the Headrush so great to use, and I don’t know of any other modeller that does it.
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I hope most modelers in the future just include an externally accessible port for SD memory such that loops, global configurations, setlists, presets, captures, IRs, etc., can be backed up, retrieved, stored, and copied. If the SD card and interface is fast enough, this might even potentially enable other feature enhancements.

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I think microSD cards got a bad reputation from unreliable knock-offs being sold. I’ve been using the same microSD in my phone(s) for years, so I think it’ll be fine.

The good news is that this microSD card should be replaceable (I think just unscrew the four screws on the bottom give access to the microSD card). So you can upgrade the size of the storage space in a couple of years.

Why do you say ‘in a couple of years’? Is that so it is after any warranty period has expired? And would replacing the card affect the QC operating system, or is the micro SD purely for user-writeable memory?

I meant “in a couple of years” as perhaps more features get implemented that use the storage capacity of the microSD card. Certainly I am speculating here, and I don’t know any more than you do about the development of the Quad Cortex.

So, is there any confirmation there is an SD card in the QC? I’ve seen the pics, but haven’t cracked the case open on mine…yet :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, they referred to it early on when a few needed to be reseated after shipping.


Thanks! I somehow missed that, but good to know. That definitely lends to this feature request idea. I’ll get a vote or two back when the update drops. I’ll cast one here when it does.

Yes, I can confirm this. Furthermore, I would not expect any need nor utility in replacing it. There is more than enough storage for any number of captures that the unity supports - and in addition that SD acts as the HDD for the OS, so you certainly cannot just replace it without also re-imaging it and voiding the warranty opening the case. That would have to be an NDSP service upgrade kind of deal - but there is really no need. Revisit this when you’re looking at 30k captures :slight_smile: The block here is a software block, not a capacity problem.

It’s a 32 gig card with plenty of room for looper wavs too, so I am all for this request

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My next question was going to be the size SD. You read minds :smiley: Thanks

I hadn’t planned on trying to swap it out. I figured the OS was burned to the SD card, so not really able to store loop files to separate cards.

What it tells me though, is that it’s possible to upgrade/replace it if future development or failure requires it. That’s a good thing IMO.

Great, please vote!

Good morning all,
Here is my request concerning the looper, even after switching off the QC: possibility of recording and managing Wav loops?
The headrush offers this possibility in a very advanced way!
Bye !