New user and a question regarding the Looper

First of all: Hello! I’m new here, got my QC today and i’m pretty happy…really what i hoped to get, everything fine so far…well after some hours i’m still exploring all the features.
While exploring i tried the Looper, got a really nice loop but then i wanted to “erase” the recorded loop, or “delete” it - however you wanna name it - but there is no dedicated button - right?

So how to get rid of a recording? Just shut the unit down and that’s it?
Mhmmm, there should be an option for that…or am i wrong?

Many thanks and have a nice day

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Welcome, I experienced the same thing when I first used the looper and got sorted out here. There’s no delete button, you just record a new loop and overwrite the previous one.


Many thanks for your answer!

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Is there still no “stop” button for the looper?
I find it difficult having to undo and redo when playing and singing the same time.