Quad Cortex PSU Amp requirements

So far I can only find that the PSU is 12v - how many amps?
Will it work with a Voodoo Labs ISO 5?
Or will I need a separate power feed to the PSU?

3000mA. Main thing I know of that can supply that is the Mission Engineering 529M.

ya that’s a bit more than the typical pedal supply can handle :rofl: I kinda figured that was the case - basically its a small laptop.

thanks for quick reply.

looks like this will have to do the job:

I decided to power it with a cioks brick and some parrallel adapters. Shoud work and i can use the neutrik powercon adapter for the AC inlet.

How many parallel adapters were you planning to use?

5 of them…actually, just use it for the qc and the usb power to light up the sennheiser wireless

I’m definitely interested in this type of idea, but i have a question. If the cortex requires 12v 3000mA, how do you set up the switches on the DC7 so that the overall voltage is 12v when you’re using that many outputs?

thanks in advance!

Hey keegan

If you zoom into the picture you can see that DipSwitch1 needs to go up and the second down. Each output does deliver 500mA in this configuration. 6 times 500mA does, as far as i can calculate, 3000mA :wink: since i use parrallel adapters, the voltage stays to 12V, only the mA’s are doubled

Normaly there is some headroom when 3000mA is mentioned by the company. I will measure the real needed mA sucked by the QC.

Regards, Damian

Simple enough, thanks!

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