Cioks Crux Issues

Hey, so I used the QC with the original power supply and everything worked fine. Had no idea with it, and was using the unit for long stretches of writing/tracking.

I just got a Crux so it would be easier to power for live shows from my Cioks DC7. Since using the Crux the QC keeps getting very glitchy, rebooting itself, stopping responding, lags on the touchscreen, wouldn’t recall any presets (just would load a screen with no blocks), and isn’t saving captures.

Has anyone else had this issue? My QC is maybe a month or two old at this point.

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Hi there, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your setup. I bought the DC7 and Crux from Sweetwater about a month or so ago. I play at church weekly. I have my QC on a pedalboard with some other pedals. I have not had any of the issues you are describing. Are you still within your return window on your crux? I would imagine you are using the cable they supplied with it so no mixups there… If it were me I would be talking about getting a replacement for the DC7 or at least the Crux itself. The thing about this kind of stuff is that there is not any real way on our end to test it, but if you are having those kind of issues it pretty much has to be the power supply being inconsistent. One final question: It is consistent when using the original power supply? I hope you get some help and that things go well for you. God bless.

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So, the QC died today and just is in a loop of trying to boot. Basically the flashing blue lights, but the screen won’t turn on/nothing on the unit will respond. Same with either the Crux or the original power supply.

Thankfully Sweetwater is sending a replacement unit.

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I have had nothing but good experiences with Sweetwater. Please share how things go.