Cioks Crux at 2 amps powers the unit great but Drops the output level...? SOLVED

Hi, first post, I have to say I love the QC and this is just me checking to see if I am correct.
I have a Cioks DC-7 and Crux. Such an elegant solution, works great!

However it seems like dropping the power supply from 3A to 2A by using the Crux also drops the output, from the XLRs at least, by a massive amount.

Not really a problem as the gain can be made up at the input of the, in my case UA Apollo, device seeing the XLR outs.

With the 2A supply I have to increase the Apollo input gain 40+ db to match the output of the 3A power supply with the Apollo gain all the way down.

The sound of the unit, quality wise seems identical, I have no issues there at least.
Just wondering if this has been talked about elsewhere, is this normal/expected?


You didn’t switch from a 1/4" output to an XLR at the same time you tested this? If I recall correctly, the output level differs quite a bit between those outputs.

No, I have only used the XLRs since I got the unit. I actually haven’t even tried the 1/4" outs.
My QC has basically been connected to my Apollo via stereo XLRs since the second I turned it on for the first time.

Thanks for clarifying that. I’m sure someone here can test theirs to see if they see the same thing. I have a Crux, I may be able to give it a try later today.

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Hi, my name is Dan and I’m an idiot…
The Crux was set to 9V. Hilarious that the QC Still worked great at 9V!
12V outputs are properly loud. lol

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Great news, thanks for the followup!

Glad you resolved it! Note, that the QC won’t behave correctly or it will act up frequently if running on less than 12v.