Change a block's effect type via scene or stomp

Hi folks,

I think it would be interesting to be able to change a block’s effect type via scene or stomp.
For example, i can put only a block for delay, and configure in scene A - Tape Delay (for ambience part) and in scene B - Digital Delay (for a rhythmic part).

Thanks so much!

Hi. I think that your request would cause a slight delay (just like changing presets). Scene switching is fast because the same blocks are pre-loaded on the preset. That’s what makes scene switching faster than switching presets.


Hi @legzalez ,

I don’t know, i believe that the heaviest effects are amps and reverbs, maybe restricting to some blocks in particular and maybe limiting the amount of changes, can make this functionality viable.

What you said is another point to me, 8 scene is little bit, alter the preset with delay tail and a smallest gap it is another important thing to me.


Every time you load/unload a block, even if it is simple, will necessarily come with a momentary gap.
Since it is possible to max the grid without maxing cpu/ram, there is potential to make blocks or the grid itself more complex.
For example: if you want to change the “flavor” of a delay, neural could possibly write a new block that contains a few flavors which could be switched gapless. Basically like changing scenes with one delay on and another off. But it will cost more cpu/ram.
Another thing (for which there exists a feature request somewhere) is to make the grid larger, so you could potentially go to a second “page” of the grid (or some other implementation of the idea).
But the general request for flipping between arbitrary blocks is essentially a preset change and will always come with a gap.

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It can be done without latency. Fractal does this. The only block that causes a latency is the amp block.

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Hi @brucegregori ! How are you?

Yes, i think its possible, maybe they will have to apply some rules, and restric some changes… But this feature is possibie and so usefull. Its a oportunity to reduce the high number of blocks in some presets.

Thanks a lot!

Hopefully that’s the case with the QC, but I would not count on it, it is a different architecture, so who knows.

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Hi @legzalez ,

Perhaps this is possible, but in my opinion it is certainly useful.