CC #48 value 0-63 fails with MC8

Hi everybody,

I didn’t see this CC#48 issue in the forum…

I use CorOS Version: 2.2.1

I quote the QC Manual:

“Looper X Parameter Editor Menu
• CC#48 value 0-63 opens the Looper X (Always opens in perform mode)
• CC#48 value 64-127 closes the Looper X”

With MC8 CC #48 value 0-63 fails to make appear on the screen the looper menu. The Looper is on since the CC# 49 to 56 works with MC8 BUT the QC screens stays showing the grid of the preset on which the looper device respond to others CC i.e. stop rec ovedub, etc… with red on and red off of the looper on the grid. i noticed too that if the looper is playing (looper device on the grid is “red on” ) CC #48 with value > 63 does’nt exit looper mode.

All the others CC commands for QC work fine with MC8.

Any idea?

Hoping I’m clear,



New COROS solved the problem but why no reply?