The MIDI message "change modes" CC# 47 no longer behaves as described in the manual

CorOS Version: 2.0.0

Describe your issue:
The mode assignment is no longer a static assignment (0=Preset Mode, 1=Scene Mode, 2=Stomp Mode) as described in the manual, but depends on the configured cycle order in the menu “Modes configuration”.

Steps to reproduce your issue:
Send MIDI message
CC#47=0, CC#47=1, CC#47=2 and check the QC reaction.
Change the cycle order in “Modes configuration” and repeat the test.

I expected this to happen:
(see CorOS User Manual 2.0.0 Page 95)
CC#47 value 0 loads Preset Mode
CC#47 value 1 loads Scene Mode
CC#47 value 2 loads Stomp Mode

You need to correct the manual for 2.0.0 or change the behavior of CorOS 2.0.0 :wink:

I have just noticed that the “i” button in “Modes configuration” correctly describes the new behaviour.

Mode Slot1:CC#47 value 0
Mode Slot2:CC#47 value 1
Mode Slot3:CC#47 value 2

The PDF manual for 2.0.0 still describes the old behaviour and should be corrected accordingly.