Solution for endless cable swapping and blind guess/check (capturing preamps/pedals in isolation)

shooting captures of just a preamp or pedal, if i want to hear how it sounds through a cab you have to set up the cables to do that. if i want to run a capture of it i have to switch the cables around, but then i can’t hear what it sounds like though the cab, making adjustments to EQ is all blind guess work until you

  1. shoot capture, save capture
  2. swap cables
  3. go back to preset mode
  4. pull up the new capture

just to hear how it turned out

there’s got to be an easier way for shooting preamps/pedals, some way to actually get to hear it integrated into your tone, on the level check screen before you shoot it, and also after you shot it while doing the comparison, without having to go through the whole process of reconfiguration just to be able to hear how it turned out in context

Either internal signal rerouting so you can keep the cables plugged into “capture mode” configuration but have the box reroute it’s stuff internally to run the capture return/capture through a cab block, so you can set EQ exactly how you want it in context, then immediately run the capture, then on the check screen be able to do the comparison with the reference/capture in context again.

There is a preset on the cloud from Neural dsp called „Capture A-B“. I was going to check it out this evening. It seems as this might be a solution to our problem. I hope it helps. (I think you can preview a preamp or pedal with the amp of your choice)

i busted out the HX stomp to run between preamp/pedal and QC, IR/cab to audition then analog bypass to run the capture. still no way to A/B the reference/cortex in context without backing out and loading the new capture. it’s annoying. also annoying to keep swapping input 1 and return 1 A MILLION TIMES everytime you want to back out and play the new capture. swapping cable swapping cables swapping cables. QC is so much fun