Customise Captures as per the Original Device

Hi, I had a dream…
We all know Neural captures really accurately via mic or DI pedals or amps however we have 2 challenges on that.

  1. If minor gain or tone variance we need to edit it
  2. We are stuck to that amp or pedal setting for good

I wonder if it’s technically implementable the option of when we capture something that is already in our Quad, we select if from a list (example, I am capturing a VOX AC30 Normal Channel or I am capturing a Tube Screamer) then it will open the parameters that Neural has for this device and we select how eQ’ed our device wen capturing.

Like this what I want to achieve is that apart from when our capture miss something, we make more intuitive tweaking it but also if we capture an AC30 on a particular setting, we can play with our Neural capture as if was the real amp. So for example if I capture a box and i click in the capture instead of the standard 5 knobs we have in all captures (bass, mid, treble, gain and volume) the capture will open the same parameters a VOX has on the built in one.

Hope I could explain myself (english is not my mother tongue) and also hope you guys find this interesting as will be a massive game changer in my view if feasible!!