Cannot be activated to this location and Attempt to start the trial too many times Plugins Archetype: Plini support

Guys, I’m trying to test this plugin and when I try to use it, I keep getting this error message:
Attempt to start the trial too many times.

In my iLok says it is 0/3 activations.

Please help me with this issue. Wanna try it before buy!

In iLok you should be able to activate it on the computer you want to use it on by right clicking and selecting activate. Then it should show 1/3 activations and you should be able to use it.

Hey @Falcao. That should be fixed doing what @BJKD said.

If you keep having the same issue after trying that, send us your iLok user ID to

I don’t know how to activate my Pini trial…

Doesn’t show my pc inside the “select a location”

I deposited another trial license in your iLok account. Please try with that one.