Can you have more then 2 EXP pedals if you use a MIDI controller?

Can you use the 2 EXP ports on a Morningstar MC6 to add additional expression pedals?

i.e. have 2 EXP pedals plugged directly into the QC, and then have 1 or 2 more through the MC6?

Not directly, each block can only be assigned either EXP 1 or EXP 2.
You could technically connect more than two exp pedals to an external controller and connect it to the QC’s EXP 1 and EXP 2 ins, and then use the controller to choose which pedal is currently doing the work.
Not sure how much that would be useful though…

One thing that could give the QC more freedom is if the exp assignment were scene dependent.
So when you change a scene, you basically get a different set of parameters controlled by the pedal, and the “released” params will be set to a fixed value.
As far as I’m aware, this can’t be done currently.

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