Use expression pedal jack/s for extra foot switch/es

Can you convert the use of an expression pedal jack into a momentary/latching type jack to then assign midi cc commands to it per preset or globally? Usually each expression jack can accommodate a pair of momentary switches.

It would be nice to have the choice between global or per preset but global would be my preference if only one option was available.

for my use I’ll use it to control an outboard looper but I often use a two button switch with other modelers for a dedicated drive 1/drive 2 switch and/or tuner/tap tempo

Building off this - I think it would be nice to just see a larger set of MIDI messages/commands set aside for switching/expression so that you can then just have a block or parameter “listen” for any command in that range and assign it.

This way you can have as many (well, to some reasonable limit) external MIDI controllers or exp pedals as you like and they can be assigned to send commands in the “extended” range beyond those kept reserved for the physical switches/ports on the QC itself.

While the practical use cases for 10 exp pedals and 20 switches might seem limited, the flexibility would be nice to have. And I can definitely see interesting use cases with something like the Morningstar products that have MIDI waveform generators and could then be assigned as expression controllers to many individual parameters across multiple blocks for some interesting results.

You have my vote, but even if they allowed EXP 2 to toggle Wah/Volume from my Expression Pedal Toe Switch, I would be happy.