Can you get a prog metal tone with Yamaha Revstar?


I have a Yamaha Revstar 820 CR. I can get some nice clean tones but the heavy tones are not so good as you can hear on YouTube.

I have the Abasi, Petrucci, Plini and Tim Henson plugins on my PC.

I have used many of the free presets from people like Jack Gardiner, Charlie Robbins, Tom Quayle but those are not so heavy and progressive sounds.

Can maybe someone share some good free presets?

Of course, as I said, will the Revstar 820 be customized to sound good as a prog metal tone?


hey man, that’s a double humbucker guitar right? you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a metal/prog tone out of it, especially with the plug ins that you mentioned. I have the Petrucci and Henson, I don’t much like the henson for metal but the Petrucci? He’s one of the god-fathers of the genre. His artist presets should get you a lot closer to where you want to go. Of course, you can tweak them to your liking.

Thank you for the response.

I have actually used many, many of the presets - artist and free, and purchased ones.

Some a re somewhat good but most need lots of tweaking and in the end still don’t sound anything like the good ones on Youtube.

Here are some of the tones from Youtube I like…

  1. Archetype Abasi Tone Pack | Neural DSP | 35 PRESETS DOWNLOAD - YouTube

I purchased the presets pack and used the presets but cannot get a good distortion tone, it sounds dull on my yamaha revstar 820.

He used only the Abasi plugin.

  1. Archetype: ABASI | NEURAL DSP | BEST guitar plugin of 2019? - YouTube

Another video from the same guy and I kinda like the tone.

Abasi plugin used.

  1. Archetype Abasi - Mini Demo | Connor Kaminski - YouTube

Abasi plugin used.

The tone is cool.

  1. *2ND PLACE* #MRNBCONTEST#2021 - Unda Alunda - YouTube

Now here is another sick tone and with a Yamaha Revstar (almost a guitar like mine).

Uses neural dsp plugin, just don’t know which one.

  1. Drewsif - Neural DSP Archetype: Tim Henson is a METAL MONSTER - YouTube

Last one.

Believe or not he used Tim Henson plugin and gets a metal tone.

Now my question is whether I can get a very similar tone to some of those Neural Dsp plugin guitarists or I need a guitar with different pickups?

As I said, I can get a good clear clean tone with the 820CR but the most useful tone I can get is more like a Rock tone, not a prog metal/ modern metal tone.