Archetype Petrucci Presets

Hey guys, I’m new to the whole digital modeling thing and testing now the Petrucci plugin.

The clean tones are stellar, with lots of different sounding presets while the more high gain stuff all kind of sound similar in my opinion.
I don’t know where to start, let’s say I want a large variety of different metal/rock tones (all the classics from Iron Maiden, Led zep. to Slayer, Metallica, Pantera to more modern stuff and so on)
Do I need to buy different plugins to have the right amp models?
Or which plugin would be the best starting point to recreate the presets I’m looking?
Or which one has a good library of user created presets?

The Petrucci is a really versatile plugin that can accomplish many different sounds, but each plugin is different. You could probably achieve heavier sounds with Fortin Nameless, a more modern metal sound with Gojria, older school tones with Soldano, etc.

As for the presets, you can either search here or on the Neural DSP Discord server for user-made presets. Each plugin has a healthy amount but I would say I’ve seen the most are for Plini and Gojira.

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