Possible to get great prog metal tone at very low volume?

I have a double humbucker guitar - Yamaha Revstar 820.

But I cannot get a good heavy tone - prog metal.

With headphones I can get it +/- to work but not with my studio monitors. I have KRK.

I have several Neural DSP plugins - Plini, Petrucci, Gojira, Abasi, Tim Henson, Rabea and Cali.

How to get a prog metal tone at lower volumes?


Are the presets not getting you want you want?

I like the presets for clean tones but I want to also get a heavy prog metal tone.

I have to crank the Focusrite all the way up to get a heavier tone but my question is how to do it at very low volumes just like I can get a clean tone at very low volumes.

Have you adjusted both the input and output to taste? Iā€™d assume that you would need to drive the input a little harder to get what you are after etc.

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Yes, I tried increasing Input but still only able to get a heavier tone at higher volumes.

Btw, I think increasing the distance between mics and speakers helps somewhat.

Maybe my Yamaha Revstar 820 is the problem because I think the pickups are a bit more suited for Rock not Prog Metal!?