Archetype: Abasi Presets Thread

Hey everyone, it’s only been out for a few days at this point, but I’ve already got a couple of presets that I’d like to share. I personally think they sound great on their own, but obviously may require tweaks to sit best in a full mix of some kind.

Dreamy Cleany.xml (5.0 KB) Pop-Punk Rhythm.xml (5.0 KB)


DTS RTM.xml (4.9 KB)


Man, that’s a great sounding tone. I might end up using that in a mix!

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Awesome! Thanks for the kind words man!

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Hey all. Am waiting to no longer be a new user to add setting. Mande a pretty spot on “ETID - Map Change” tone in Abasi. How long or what criteria to be able to share files?

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Here is a patch with 2 different lead settings. The silver & orange amp has more bass while the yellow amp is much more mid-high frequency focused. i also used the high and low filters on the modulation pedals to keep the reverb in the lower freq range and the delay in the higher freq range. Though it sounded kind of cool.
x2 Lead Patches.xml (5.0 KB)

here is a clean bass guitar preset. mostly for solo stuff. sounds great with slap and chordal stuff (especially on a bass with a high c string). adjust input and reverb to taste.

Solo Slap Bass.xml (5.1 KB)

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Those are some really cool settings, I particularly love the rhythm amp settings! I’ve found that the lead amp is a bit too extreme for me, but I might just need to tweak it a bit more.

I’ve just downloaded that preset, and it sounds incredible on a 6 string AND a bass so damn, that’s my favourite clean preset so far!


Yeah, the lead setting was designed to be pretty high frequency. Was just something i was playing with for a song i was working on. Needed 2 different lead tones. Glad you liked the rhythm amp.

soul.xml (4.9 KB)

clean tone

Hey guys! On the most recent livstream, I mentioned that I have a bunch of presets that Tosin dialed in at the NAMM show during his performance and offered to drop it in a download for you all. These are similarly named to his default presets(aside from one particular one. lol) but adjusted by him for his performance. Also, if ya’ll are having any trouble with noise or hiss, back off the input knob and that should help with that issue. Hope you enjoy!


Thanks! I love the Abasi plugin, but the noise gate is still a problem, especially on Amp3. I can back off the input gain significantly, but the annoying tail of hiss before the gate shuts is only killed off if the input gain is reduced so much that the tone really starts to sound weak. This occurs even on settings where the amp gain is not very high (less than halfway). I am also only using a fairly moderate input gain on my audio interface - enough to provide a good signal, but nowhere near clipping.
This is VERY annoying, considering the quality of the sounds in this plugin. I’m waiting eagerly for Neural to sort out the gate on Abasi, as they have promised to do.

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Clean Lead.xml (5.0 KB) Relaxed Lead.xml (5.0 KB) Forest.xml (5.3 KB) RHY 3.xml (4.9 KB)
Hey all! Since I love the first amp from this archetype so much, I thought it would be fun to try to create the 4 main tones that I use with this amp. Here are the results:
Clean Lead: Clean tone with reverb and delay.
Forest: Blend knob at max, and reverb and delay added at the end for moar spaceyness.
Relaxed Lead: Slightly dirtier tone, a touch more aggressive. Reverb and delay at the end so as for it to work in a lead context.
RHY 3: Rhythm setting. Slight modification that I strongly recommend is to use an IR from Seacow Cabs from a Zilla Custom Oversized 412. Use it on the right mic and set level to -18.9.
edit: the Zilla IR site from seacow has been taken down, but I still have the files if anyone wants them. Open to PM’s.


[Livestream Presets]

As promised! Here are the presets from the livestream I just did with the Archetype: Abasi:

I seriously had a great time during the stream and if you guys enjoyed it, let me know which plugin you want to see featured next!


Thanks for the livestream, was really great and inspiring.

I put together my first “ambient” patch after you showed your 100 wet delay preset.
Here’s 2 examples. 1 with clean guitars and 1 where I put Abasi across the close mic of the snare. Sounds very ominous and vast and spooky.

Can’t upload an attachment. So I just put 2 wavs and the preset as xml into my google drive:

hey everyone tried creating a ambient preset for the abasi… the pathos pedal can be used give a slight overdrive tone for each amp… its meant to be used in split coil position…check it out and suggest me…i did hear it through sony headphones so,there might be some extra bass…just increase the tone on the logos… this is my first preset with the abasi…

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Dude! That sounded awesome! I love the second one. Sounds like a horror movie. :slight_smile:

Aditya! Sounds great! Just jammed on it for a bit with the Jazzmaster and it’s a solid preset. Well done!