Henson : Ableton Lite and Reaper Archetype: Tim help with...everything

Good afternoon all; I have been playing music since the late 70’s and am just NOW diving into digital recording and composition. I have a great rig so far, a new PC Build, and absolutely no idea what I am doing. I am PC literate and an AutoCAD operator from way back yet many aspects of these software packages escape me. I THINK Ableton Lite v:11 will let me load the parameters in the lower plugin window but it does not allow one to use presets at all. I am going to try to use my PC lappie with the stand-alone TH plugin and using my Scarlett monitor out into my sound card for a direct line in, but I still need to be able to swap presets without latency. Any ideas, maybe recommendations for a compatible foot controller? I have an Arturia Keylab 49 for a MIDI controller (and it is doesn’t work in Reaper, hence the Ableton) but I need that hands-free option. I hope I do not bug too many of you with legit in-depth questions, but life is short and too much music is waiting…

You have a couple of options. You can use a DAW and load all plugins as different tracks and use MIDI to switch between them. You can also use something like MainStage (which is what I use), load all of your patches then use midi to change patches. MainStage preloads plugins, so it doesn’t cause a gap when switching. Neural also have a helpful YouTube video about using their plugins in a live setting which should get you pointing in the right direction. I find MainStage easier to use than a DAW for live performances personally, however a DAW is probably better suited if your doing more than just your guitar

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Many thanks for your input, and your patience. The response went a long way in my decision to take advantage of the sale and acquire the Petrucci Archetype - timely support coupled with damn fine product? Sign me up!