Possible to "lose" access to a shared preset?

Wasn’t able to find an answer to this - I am familiar with sharing and/or marking public. But even though I’ve downloaded a shared preset, it’s still got the metadata associated with the original creator. That’s fine - but what I’m wondering is, if they stop sharing, will you lose the ability to download those presets?

Especially relevant for anything purchased. If I do not keep the presets physically stored on the QC, is there a chance for them to disappear from my cloud?

Hi Danimaetrix, welcome to the community!

If you download and save your presets and back them up to the cloud, they aren’t going anywhere.
If you download someone’s preset / capture and save it, then delete it etc., the original preset / capture may be over written or deleted etc., but as long as you download and save, you should be good

Thanks! Thought so, but wanted to make sure!

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No problem, glad to help! Enjoy that EP!