Can you assign a 'Stomp' switch to a parameter or just a Block 'on/off'?

As it says really; would be great to be able to use ‘Stomp’ assignment to change a parameter AS WELL as turn Blocks on/off - can this be done? For example say you want to change amp gain from 5 to 8 using a stomp. You might also have the stomp assigned to turn off some other blocks at the same time.

I realise you can do this in Scenes, but I’d also like to have the flexibility of being able to do this in Stomp mode

This isn’t currently possible. Stomp mode only allows for turning blocks on and off with the switches.

Why not use an expression pedal? I have the amps in all my presets controlled by an expession pedal. It ramps up gain from clean to as dirty as I want, whilst adjusting EQ and and reducing volume to preserve the required levels.

I know the “allow any switch to control any parameter” is a feature request. It’s a feature in other similar modeler ecosystems like the Helix. Might be coming. In the meantime, scenes is the only option for this, and when 2.0 comes out Hybrid mode will give you more flexibility I think.
I’m also looking forward to this being a feature. You can set a switch to change a bunch of amp parameters for instance, or make a switch change the toggle on the tremolo instead of just block on/off.

Yes, that’s one solution I guess, though I think being able to assign parameters to a stomp to is the platinum solution

I have used an expression pedal to control amp parameters for years, on Helix, Quad Cortex, and Axe-Fx. To my mind, it is far more flexible than scenes with varying degrees of gain, or any other variation using button pushes. I can smoothly go through all the stages of gain that any amp has to offer, whilst simoultaneously making all the corresponding adjustments to EQ and volume. It works whatever screen mode you are using, and doesn’t use up any scenes or stomp buttons, freeing them up for other uses.
I wouldn’t disagree with making assignability of stomp buttons as flexible as possible, and I make full use of stomp buttons doing several things with one press, and of the long and short presses on the Axe-Fx. But there are better solutions to changing gain on an amp from 5 to 8 than using up a stomp button.