Allow one parameter per switch in stomp and scene modes

While actively playing and creating, I like the Stomp View so that I don’t have to engage my brain to remember what each switch is assigned to.

Most of the time, when actively playing, I tweak only one main parameter per device. If I’m using Stomp View, and want to change a single parameter on a single device I have to:

  • Close the Stomp View
  • Select the device
  • change the parameter
  • press the device parameter “Done” Button
  • Switch back to Stomp View
    Now I’m out of my creative head and in my “engage technology” head.

When trying to interact with devices in Stomp and Scene modes, I want to assign a single parameter for that device assigned to a switch’s knob.

These can be shown on the Stomp Layout screen so it’s quick and obvious what the switch and the knob do


  • Switch A is mapped to an overdrive device and overdrive gain is mapped to Switch A knob
  • Switch B is mapped to an phaser device and Speed is mapped to Switch B knob
  • Switch C is mapped to an Amp device and Volume is mapped to Switch C knob
  • Switch D is mapped to a Delay device and Feedback is mapped to Switch D knob
  • Switch E is mapped to a Reverb device and Mix is mapped to Switch E knob

Now I have quick access to 10 key controls (bypass and 1 parameter) that I can tweak without leaving the Stomp Board View for quick changes.

I can imagine the same capability in Scene mode would be useful.