Control Parameters by Footswitches

With Footswitch we can select presets, scenes, and activate/deactivate effect blocks (stomps)… But in my opinion there is a great lack: the possibility to assign a footswitch to change one o more parameters.

For example:
In my signal path I have one Rotary Speaker block. I like the “doppler effect” caused by speed-changing of Leslie… So I would like to change the “speed” parameter (value: fast-slow) with a single footswitch in toggle on/off mode obviusly.

(note: I don’t want use the expression pedal)

This feature is possile for example in Line 6 Helix (Controller Assign) and in Fractal FM3 (Control Switches).

With this feature we are be able to modify one o more parameters (for example Delay: Sync On/ Sync Off) and a range of value setting the minimum value and the maximum value (For example: Gain Min:10, Max: 60)…

For a professional digital system, this are basic operations… IMHO

Anyone interested in this?
no need to check the parameters with footswitch?

Big list of requests for new footswitch functions, including what you’re asking for. Merge your vote there:

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