Can’t Access Directory…..when…

When I first switch Presets via the Bank Up/Down Foot Switches - say I’m on 2B, and I press the Bank Down navigation button so now, I’m on 1B

I can’t click on the Title of the Preset to bring up the directory?
Does anyone else notice this?

Are there ISSUES with Bank Navigation?

It “seems”…… as long as BOTH green lights are lit on the Bank Navigation foot switches (these are the 2 foot switches above the Tap Tempo/Tuner on the right side) ::: if both of these are green - I can NOT access the directory via the Preset Title.

Does anybody else notice this?

I’m soOOOooooOOo confused. I HONESTLY watched the tutorial videos on YouTube. The guy rushes through stuff like a twister in Kansas.

Why is this sooOOoooo klugy