Cannot Access My Presets above Bank 6

I’ve already contacted support about this but if there are answers to this it’ll help others.

Yesterday I got a dreaded “Quad Cortex Encountered an Error, will reboot in X seconds”.
The unit power cycled for a half an hour or so. Finally, and randomly I might add, it completed booting. I did a factory reset, reloaded my profile etc. My primary issue now is that if I go to the directory, I cannot access banks above 6 (all good to below 6) in My Presets. If I select something above 6 it just goes back to 1A. If I click 6H, I can get to that load, but selecting the up arrow to load the next one, the up arrow LED goes on, stays on, and I get the same Error as earlier and the unit reboots.

Obviously this is frustrating, but I’m at a loss at the moment for what to do. Unfortunately my main presets were stored in a high bank than 6.

@BruceDeluxe - Looks support is in contact with you, they will get it sorted out for you.

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