Full screen preset mode bank problems

hi there. this seems really odd - but when I’m in full screen preset display, if I hit up bank it drops the display back to the base nodes and path view - whatever that’s called! I want it to stay in full up display of the 8 presets and just toggle up or down a bank. is there a way or is this a bug? Basically should stay in full screen preset display when changing banks with the up and down foot switches.

(For some reason my post is now closed!! )

Hi @jonhollis and sorry you are having issues with the preset functionality. If you are in preset mode and have the gig mode (all eight presets A through H are displayed in their square grids etc.) there is currently no way to move to another bank using only the QC without first switching modes etc. Otherwise, please reach out to support@neuraldsp.com if that isn’t the case and you need more assistance. Thanks!