Can someone explain "Latch Emulation" for me?

It’s an option for expression pedals, and has something to do with momentary switches. Is this for some unicorn expression pedal that has a built in momentary switch? Or is it designed for a second pedal that’s momentary somehow?

As I’m typing, it’s making me think of the foot controller I have for my Voicelive3 (the Switch 6) which has 6 switches, but they send essentially expression pedal settings to the unit and allow for extra buttons. Is that it? If so, does the Switch 6 or Switch 3 or other similar pedals work with the QC using this feature? Or am I off base with this line of thinking.

It’s an option for expression pedals that have built-in momentary toe switches (like the Mission Engineering SP-25M-PRO) that allows the momentary switch to act as a latching switch.