Expression pedal functional problem

I just came back to the Quad after 9 months of being off with a broken wrist. I ran into an interesting problem and not sure if this is possible with all the recent updates.

I have attached the boss dual foot switch FS-7 to the expression pedal inputs on the Quad. I finally got both switches to work and latch after a lot of trial and error, however, when I turn an effect on or off in a scene the block is in the exact same state in all my other scenes.

Is there a way to assign scenes. The way this is right now it’s useless. I have the unit in hybrid mode and am using the 4 switches on the unit for other pedals. I have my clean scene and my lead scene set up to use delay. If I set the switcher up to turn the delay on in other scenes, then turn them off, it turns the delay off in all my scenes, even the ones I haven’t got the foot switches attached to. This is useless. The switches on the unit doesn’t behave this way.

Any work around or something I’m missing?

Thanks Bill