Compatibility with expression pedal with a toeswitch?

hello all, I checked the manual and this article Quad Cortex Expression Pedal Compatibility and I’m still unclear if the Cortex is capable of working with a pedal with a toeswitch, the language is pretty vague all around.

I guess you plan to use the toe switch to turn an effect like wah/whammy on/off, right? Anyway, as far as I can tell, this is currently not (yet) possible.

yep, that was the idea. I was wondering if the unit is even physically capable of “listening” to external switches but the manual is very silent about it. I think even if the answer is no, they should clarify it because I can’t believe this won’t be a commonly asked question.

by the way, if the Cortex is not able to use “push to engage” pedals, that would be a significant bummer. Move to engage is well and good but in some cases I like the physical feedback I get from having to step on the pedal to engage it a la Cry Baby.

The unit has two expression ports which operate fixed on CC#1 and CC#2 and as far as I can tell, they cannot be assigned to any switch functions or on/off of effects, i.e. only for parameter change. Possibly you can design a workaround where the “mix” of the wah in a side chain goes from 0-100% depending on the on/off status of a switch connected to one of the expression ports, but I haven’t tried that.

Otherwise, you can (only) use stomp or scenes mode to (de)activate the wah within a preset using one of the switches A-H, which will require you to move the foot back and forth. Currently not even auto-engage is implemented.

Although this is probably not the highest on the priority list, I am pretty sure we will see some improvement here. It also took a while for things like that on the original AxeFx back in the day.