Can different captures or IRs be selected in different scenes?

Seems like any parameter can be modified in a scene. But its not clear to me if the selection of a capture or IR is considered a parameter. For captures, it would be great if different captures could be selected (and loaded without a gap) in different scenes.

Amps, Captures, IRs/Cabs, FX etc are all instantiated as blocks on the grid… and each block can be enabled/disabled and edited by way of scene changes… within the preset you have 8 scene changes available… each scene can have it’s own particular parameter changes of those blocks… whatever you desire.

I’m definitely planning to have at least 2 cab blocks and 2 amp blocks on most of my personal presets.

So to have different scenes activate different IRs, you have to use multiple blocks? You can’t change the IR parameter of a block ( as in Helix)?

You cannot change an IR or a capture, only enable/disable items on the grid.

If I understand the issue right, how about adding 2 IR and 2 captures and enable/disable them alternatively between the scenes?

You can change and automate every parameter in the “Cab block” per scene.
So you can, in fact change the loaded irs in the selected cabs per scene.

The available selection seems to be somehow limited, BUT not only the microphones of the loaded “IR bundle” for the cab can be selected, additionally all of your own uploaded IRs seem to be available :smiley:
The workflow with multible cab blocks is the only one if you’re using completely different factory irs, but it is great for fx Irs and your “pre quad cortex” collection…

Perfect, this means you can change the captured amp in a capture block to say switch from a clean to a crunch capture of the amp by changing the scene - without having to have two expensive and space consuming capture blocks.

These kinds of parameter changes should be able to be placed on stomp switches too. The reason is scenes are too limiting - you can only select one scene at a time. But with stomp switches, you can turn as many on/off as you want to combine things in a patch or scene.

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding, but my comment was only about IRs (specifically the file select in the “cab block” where you can load a custom file) not to amp captures. :frowning:

it is my understanding that a “Capture” is akin to an impulse response of whatever is loaded for capturing… in the case of an amp>speaker cab>mic capture, I do not believe you could change out the speaker cab because it’s part of singular Capture file…

but switching gears a bit: I am hopeful that some of the virtual device Amps (non captured) will be great sounding enough to build my Presets using them as the core tone and then being able to vary my tones by way of Scene changes that incorporate an additional Amp block and Cab block within the Preset.

Captures and IRs are regarded as devices and can’t be changed within scenes. The way to do this within scenes would be to duplicate the blocks and toggle them on/off.

Scenes are designed to give you gapless switching throughout 8 different sounds in your Preset by having all of the devices loaded in the signal chain. Adding another device is akin to changing Preset, which is why you can’t do it in Scene Mode.

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Given we can have 8 captures per preset, I wouldn’t consider them particularly expensive

For the presets I built so far I could sometimes reuse the same capture for clean and crunch sounds only by adjusting the gain of the capture block per scene, might not be the same as turning the gain on a fully modeled amp, but works for me.
And again, for IRs you can do exactly the same as with Helix, namely switching between your own, custom IRs per scene. I’ll check if this introduces pops but it is “allowed” by the UI.
But if your preset is not too crowded and not to be shared for several inputs, adding and toggling multiple amps, IRs and captures works best.