Blue Angel presets

Hey guys, here are the presets used by Nolly & Plini in the Blue Angel video. Enjoy!

Blue Angel Nolly Plini (9.3 KB)


Sorry for my stupid question but… Where do I drop the xml files on a mac?

Drag them right onto the plugin :slight_smile:

Thanks Dan! Worked perfectly!

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thanks for the presets!

Thanks for the presets! I love to see how some of my favorite guitarists have their tone dialed in.

Thanks for the presets, I think it’s awesome the way Neural DSP look after their customers with stuff like this, brilliant :+1:


These are like butter - thanks.

I don’t see the clean tone that shows up here:

Is it an already existing Nolly preset?


Library>Audio>preets>neural dsp>archetype someone> user drop it there and those will appear in the drop down menu of the plugin