Archetype plini: can´t get a good metal tone

So, I just downloaded the Plini plugin demo and I just can´t get a good tone. All the videos I watched sounded so good. here´s some audio clips:
Hopefully someone can help!!

The link is for Plini’s presets on the song “Blue Angel”, a duet with Nolly. Neural’s youtube channel is a good place to comb for Plini presets.
I can’t exactly call it metal, but the tone is quite good! Also, I think the presets that come loaded with the suite are excellent, especially Simon Grove’s. There are also a number to choose from here on the forum. I hope that helps. Last but not least, you might have better luck with your preferred IR. I often use the York Audio 25 watt greenback Marshall cab, and/or the Ownhammer Mesa 4x12 cab with a ribbon 160 mic. Keep experimenting! Hope that helps.

Interesting info thanks