Custom Footswitch Assignments per Scene in Stomp Mode?

I got my Quad Cortex today and I’m super happy with it! One thing I’m missing though, and I am not sure if it’s a missing feature or I just did not find it:

How can I have footswitch assignments per scene when I’m in stomp mode? Right now, it seems that the stomps are always the same. I’m using hybrid mode, meaning I only have four stomp slots available. Some stomps will be more relevant in certain scenes, therefore I would like to customize this.

Any hints?

Stomp assignments are at the patch level, not scene. That could actually be a good thing. It can be useful to have consistency in block type and foot switch consistence across patches. This makes it easier to know what switch does what in a patch, something you don’t want to be trying to remember in a gig situation.

I solved this problem by using an MC8 to change 8 scenes and keep the QC in stomp mode to give me 8 stomp switches to control blocks within scenes. Hopefully QC will eventually have more flexible MIDI mapping so that we are not limited to 8 stomp switches.


Hi @jamsden, thank you a lot for your help! One short follow-up question:

Stomp assignments are at the patch level, not scene.

Did I understand right that a patch is the same as a preset?