Switching effects blocks in scene mode

I got really confused with this because the pdf manual and the video manual are wrong. So I made a quick video for anyone who has the same problem.


Yes, this was changed in an update. I actually contacted support about the issue and they worked me thru the fix.

Every parameter is controlled via the same method since 1.3.0, long press on the parameter until the Scene ‘ABCD’ logo is indicated then that parameter can be controlled via s specific scene as needed.

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Yes, I can see that now. I think my issues was the use of the word ‘parameter’. I can understand that to a programmer the bypass state of the block is just another parameter, but to a guitar player I think of parameters as separate to the bypass state.

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I should have clarified (apologies for the confusion), block parameters = block settings (e.g. every configurable item within any block) can be individually controlled via scenes etc.

Thanks for this! I thought I was losing my mind when I suddenly couldn’t switch off my whah in all scenes but the one I wanted it in!

Thank you for this.
I was having a lot of trouble until I watched your video. I re read the manual but it didn’t help
Now all is good.