Best 80s hard rock plugin?

Hello boys and girls of the internet !

Big fan of 80s hard rock here, be it george lynch, reb beach, de martini, phil collen, jake e lee…
So far most plugins I heared sound really great but too much “in your face” for my tastes if that makes sense.

Is there any plugin that you would recommend in order to get this vintage type of sound ?

Also, if you have any advice about eq parameters, or if you have any presets or audio/video link of a full mix to share it would be very helpful for me !


Hey, my recommendation would be the Archetype Tim Henson! The 3rd amp is a pretty laid back marshall, I think, and there are some wonderful chorus tones available as well. Others worth looking into would be the ToneKing and the Archetype Petrucci.

My recommendation would be the Soldano SLO-100. It’s a pretty popular amp among guitarists from that era: Artists -

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