Soldano plugin sounds "bad" (too loose and flubby, not enough gain)

Basically the title. I heard everyone rave about how great the SLO100 and its Neural plugin is so bought it on sale. Oh boy how I regret doing so, I cannot get a good tone out it.

I got the Gojira plugin to see whether it was my guitars (Les Paul Custom w/fishman classics, PRS singlecut. SImilar LP vibes) and was able to get what the plugin was inteded to do… nice really tight metal tones. I should say I’m not a modern metal guy, I have a Marshall DSL100 with a 1960a and both of my guitars sound great with it. Semi classic Marshall clean/crunch/high gain sounds. Think late Mastodon and Alice In Chains vibes and I am able to get in that ballpark.

The Neural Soldano pluging, however, won’t ever give me a good tone for the life of me. For some reason there is not enough gain and saturation, not enough attack, and way too much flub. Yes my guitars aren’t the tighest of axes but I was able to get reasonable tones from two other amplifing devices (also without any pedals), why is it that I can’t do that with a SLO100?

I can get tigher, more saturated tones with the overdrive pedals but I wanted to know whether its intended that the plugin and the real amp would sound this s**t with my guitars. I don’t think its the plugin since its seems to be 99% identical to the real thing and I’ve seem lots of demos of the SLO100 on YouTube, they all had what I like to hear from an amp. So if its my guitars thats letting me down, why is it that they sound fine with my Marshall and the Gojira plugin?

I should also mention back when I had the Mesa Mark iiC+ on trial both of my guitars sounded killer writh it too. I really wish I havne’t bought this plugin all things considered

Did you the trial prior to purchasing? Personally, I love the Soldano plug-in as it’s one of my favorites.

Some info missing from your post. Have you tried…

  1. Looking at Audio Settings in the app
  2. Turning off any inputs on your audio interface you’re not using (Audio Input Channels)
  3. Checking the sample rate and audio buffer size
  4. Checking the input gain

The Soldano SLO-100 plug-in is an incredible amp sim and one of my main go-tos. It should sound amazing with any Les Paul.

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yeah I had it on trial but didn’t play with it that much. Kinda bought it on impulse because it was the last day of sale

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Nothing too weird I think. The I/O are like that because I don’t have my interface plugged in … I’m using a budget interface with one input. Yeah one a lot of the demos this and the actual amp sounded killer, thats why I bought it. I really don’t think my guitars are at fault here, must have to do with the settings more something.

I would definitely try and get that sample size lower as you are looking at 11+ms which is probably noticeable.

Built-in Microphone as input?
Shouldn’t it be something like the audio interface input?

Anyway… when I use the Soldano I always rise a little on the EQ settings at 4k.

But Built-in Microphone still sounds strange :slightly_smiling_face: