If I could only buy one plugin…

Hi, I currently have a QC and it is plugged into my permanent speaker set up due to grounding issues when used with headphones alone. Therefore to have portable headphone practice I was going to buy a single plugin to use on my M1 MacBook. So my question is, if you guys could only have one plug-in, which would it be? I generally practice clean to blues and rock / heavy rock. Was thinking the Tone King as it is the cheapest of the newer plugins. What’s your thoughts?

Take advantage of the free trials on all of the plug-ins and find one that you like!

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Based on your requirements, TK all the way!


If only TK had a wah-wah built in, it will be a real hammer. And the tones spectrum one may achieve on it is astonishing.

Hi @4TuneMan it looks like the TK has a wah-wah according to the website?

I have downloaded a trial of Tone King, Soldano and Fortin Cali and will trial them out tonight to see which on to buy. Thanks for the idea @DiffractionCircuit.

Thanks for your input guys. Much appreciated.

Yes! Of course it has. Forgive me please, I have no idea, what I was thinking about at the moment of writing.

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@4TuneMan :grin: no problem

my favorite is the nolly one - definitely more metal oriented but you can get any tone ranging from clean to phat distortion and is the best sounding one overall imo
so maybe download the trial for this one as well and try it out! let us know what you choose and why :smiley:

Thanks @Cheems for the advice. I downloaded Nolly last night and it is a great sounding plugin. I loved the way you can flick through the 4 different amps at the bottom as the other plugins I tried TK/Soldano/Cali are just single amps with different channels. I tried the 4th amp mid scooped and it sounded epic playing Enter Sandman on.
Initially I thought the TK was for me as sounded good for clean and rock on demos by Tom Quayle, however I found it very bass heavy and the clean wasn’t always as clean as I would like. Maybe as it’s modelled on a 20w amp. I couldn’t really get the tones I wanted from it that easily. I like clean to fairly distorted tone like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Slash etc. Next I tried the Soldano and it just has everything I am looking for. The sounds I like are all in there and easy for me to dial in. Lastly I tried the Fortin Cali and it was good but the Soldano just was a clear winner for me. Still trialling them today but will prob end up with the Soldano as it’s the cheapest but also for me the best of the cheaper Neural plugins.
Thanks again