Being able to load Darkglass Suite IR's onto my Quad Cortex

Hey guys,

as a fellow metal bassist, using the Quad Cortex is awesome!
But I wish one could upload the Darkglass Suite IR’s onto my Quad Cortex.
I have already tried it but the Darkglass IR’s are .sir files and thats why I cant load them.

Is it possible to change that in the future?

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I would email and see if they have any solutions as the QC utilizes standard IR forms etc.

I’d like that as well!
Especially the Nolly Mega Meld IR :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been capturing IRs lately- are you set up to be able to do that?

Hey guys!
Was someone of you able to get ahold of a .wav version of the IR?

Does that work? Im no computer engineer, but i thought “captures” were based on some fancy machine learning (whatever that means - magic). Where as ir’s were a sort of “complex” eq curve.

It definitely does! The acoustic instrument IRs are especially cool, but i am finding the captures pretty indistinguishable from IR wav files