Downloading IRs

Hey guys, i have followed-refollowed and tried every way i could to place my impulse responses into my quad cortex.

i got them loaded via the dsp website under my icon…irs…blah blah blah

the problem lies in that though i can see them in my files on the website, when i go to the ir section under cloud directories, refresh, search nothing loads them.

if i hit download all, it says ok im going to over write everything with the same name

but still nothing shows in that section

then i go the the cabinet block and tap the ir section and surprise, that leads me down the primrose path to nowhere!

what am i doing wrong? on the cloud i go to my IRs, and they all show up there!

i may be so close to the fix that i just dont see it…lol

thanks as usual


Once you’ve downloaded your IR via the Cloud Directory tab, add a Cabinet Block to your preset and tap on the Microphone name (like you’re changing the Mic), then scroll down to the bottom and tap “Load IR”, your downloaded IRs will appear in the list.