Avid Eleven Rack with Plini Plug-In

I’m trying to get the Plini Plug-In to work with my Eleven Rack and am running across an issue. It seems that the Plug-In is working over the top of whatever setting my Eleven Rack is on. Like I can’t split the two apart. I’ve finnicked around with it for a while, trying different inputs/outputs in the Plini Plug-in, and just can’t get it to separate. No, I’m not using a DAW. I also tried different outputs in the 11R itself.

Does anyone here use an 11R that can advise me on what to do?

Anybody out there using an Eleven Rack with Neural DSP?

Check this thread Eleven Rack - How do i mute it? - Avid Pro Audio Community

Dan, that seemed to help. I changed to the L Digital Input and it seems to work now. I’m liking the cleans on the plug-in, but not the gains as much. I might try the Abasi plug-in next.