Audiority Big Goat with Cory Wong = Smashingly great fuzz

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well. Just a quick ditty I threw together if anyone is working on or thinking about Smashing Pumpkin type tones. I’m quite new to guitar but have played bass for a long time. This was created quickly after dinner a couple of weeks ago after I had purchased said plugin. I used the Cory Wong preset (Silver Clean) with a York Audio Zilla cab ir. The pedal plugin has presets, I used the Big Pumpkin preset. My bass went through Parallax with another York Audio Ampeg ir. Drums are a preset groove from GGD (Free Groove volume 2) OKW Modern Fusion. A little eq’ing and some compression and viola… hope this helps. I was hoping to find something like this as I had a good friend I played with back in the 90’s that had Russian Big Muff and I adored his tone through his LP into a Rivera Knucklehead 50W / 4x12 .
Take care…

Audiority Big Goat – Fuzzy Pumpkin mp3


Thanks for the heads up. The Archetype Cory Wong works very well with external pedals VST, the Big Muff emulators are perfect for that.