Octave Fuzz + More Fuzz Options

Would really love to see an octave fuzz/Octavia effect in the QC.

Would also really love access to more fuzz tones in general.

Agreed. I wonder if it will ever be possible to capture fuzz pedals, I really hope so!

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I love fuzz and if y’all are interested, I shared several fuzz pedals in my cloud.


I have an octave fuzz preset in cortex cloud

IMO there is no virtual fuzz that is comparable to the real thing.

I would gladly sacrifice 50% of the QC cpu power for a realistic Fuzz pedal (even if I always had so switch presets to use it).
Would be a first in the digital world.

FWIW for more “tame” fuzzes like a basic fuzz face style clone or Fender The Pelt, I’ve had very similar results to the original with captures, just a very small tonality change (like if the pedal had a bass control that was moved a hair to the left with the capture compared to the original), but very similar feel, and surprisingly also very good volume pot cleanup.

But the octave effect wouldn’t work, I don’t think, so it would be nice to have a model of it. I also haven’t tried capturing any octave fuzzes for that reason. Even a Green Ringer model would be nice IMO, since you could try using that + an octave fuzz capture to approximate an octave fuzz?

I have the octafuzz from Andy Timmons in my public cloud. I can adjust it with another capture if someone tell me what’s not good.