Warmer/smoother distortion tones for Fortin Cali or Cory Wong (SG and Tele)

Hey guys! I recently made the switch from Amplitube to Fortin and Cory Wong. HUGE difference, love them both.

One kind of nit - light fuzz/dirty tones sound great, clean tones sound great, heavy tones sound great. Live, I play a '78 JMP and it has this really warm/round tone for the distortion in between fuzz and heavy, I still get definition.

I’m really having a lot of difficulty finding good sounds when its pretty broken up (like past a say ‘why are you breaking up with me’ preset), but it isn’t like chuggachugga type stuff. I do a post-rock Mogwai kind of thing so lots of times where I need good dist but I’m not palm muting.

If it helps, I play a SG and Tele and almost always on the neck pickup. A lot of the presets that seem like they should work just come out really muddy, and when I adjust the different tone knobs they don’t seem to make much of a difference.

Anyone have presets or anything or suggestions on how to get good medium distortion sounds? Also not opposed to a different plugin if there’s a better fit but I tried a few and didn’t hear anything I dug.


try cutting some high end out with the post eq, or try some different mic placements.