The amp snob

anybody know what the amb snob is based on? this thing sounds great!

Pretty sure it’s a Dumble.


Cory said it was based on a Dumble.


First, I want to thank both Neural DSP & Cory for this absolutely awesome plugin. I sort of stumbled onto the Quad Cortex over the holidays and have pretty much followed anyone on the Tube showcasing or comparing it to AXE FX or Kemper. Completely sold on the thing…once I can afford one lol. In the interim, I decided to check out the plugins; my thought process is that if the plugin sounds good it probably gives you a ‘base’ idea of how the QC sounds.

Let’s just say I currently own an S-ton of guitar plugins and over the last 50 years I have owned or played just about every guitar amp out, barring the newest metal based gear.

Since my sound is pretty much based on Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. I used to own a replica of JG’s rig, all 400 lbs. of it. I sold it some years ago and have been trying ever since to find a digital answer to his unique sound.

I was BLOWN away by this plugin. The two Amps along with the 3 cabs (I don’t use the DI amp much at the moment) can sound absolutely transparent and the ambience is incredible. And this is coming through a single stereo Alto Trouper 200wt powered cab.

The Comp, Tuber and Overdrive are perfect for Garcia’s clean to driven guitar sounds and I can switch back and forth between the CLEAN, SNOB and the 3 cabs via midi gives me a plethora of Garcia like tones.

The SNOB. Just Wow. The Clean. Great for the country and flat picking type stuff.

All in all, I believe I have found (for now lol) the JG sound I have been looking for, though not perfect, it does get me close enough.

Now I know it isn’t really up your alley but you do such an incredible job on your plugins…

A Jerry Garcia plugin would be friggin awesome…there isn’t anything out there like it and probably thousands of deadheads would buy it in a second. All it would take would be a Capture of someone’s Garcia built rig…


Really appreciate this. I’ve been on the fence about this company bc I’m mostly into JG and Hendrix/Srv tones (I know they are far from the same) but most of the stuff they showcase here is metal/high gain. To know that you can get close to JG tones gives me a lot of confidence in the QC. Thanks from one deadhead to another.

I have spent the last week working on individual Dead tunes like Row Jimmy, Peggy-O, Shakedown Street and Help on the Way, to name a few. I mainly use the Snob (Dumble), but am using the Clean Machine for the likes of Sugaree and Bobby’s country medleys (Big River, Me & my Uncle, etc.)

I find that switching the cabs also gives a wide variety of tone due to the mic IRs. I own and have used Amplitube (4 and the new 5) as well as BIAS FX 2. Both give me several options for a Jerry-like rig, but neither has the ambience that I am getting from this plugin. My only concession outside of this plugin was to add a 3rd-party WAH from Kuassa for $25. With it I can pretty much nail any of the Mutron III tweeks Jerry used including his use of the HP filter (get that clean but slightly ‘wet/blobby’ sound he used on high end, slow solos).

I use the compression with the WAH & Drives but only to clarify the single notes otherwise I use the 2 drives the same way Garcia did; as boosts with different edgings. Both drives are wonderfully transparent and can get really dirty if needed.

I was also thinking about trying out the Plini plugin as it looks capable of emulating that Gary Moore/Robin Ford era blues or even Santana.

The Cory Wong just keeps getting better as I experiment with more songs. Granted it isn’t Jerry Garcia’s rig, but the tones are really ambient and full. You should try the 14 day FREE trail. I almost made all the way to day 14, but at 11 I thought…what am I waiting for? I’m gonna buy it so…

I can’t wait until I can afford the Quad Cortex. If the amps sound anything like these, it is going to blow away the competition and they said you can load your Neural DSP plugins into it so I will have my CW on the go and not tied to my Mac when I gig.

Now I just need to find a plugin for a Butler Real Tube Spring Reverb and JBL E120 IR’s and I just might manage the first Jerry in a Box set up!

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