Audio to MIDI converter

I don’t know how possible this is, but some kind of Audio to MIDI converter would be amazing. It would be pretty badass to stick a JU-06 on my board and be able to use it with my guitar.

I would really love that!
I actually did this in daw mith mixed results, do you have a nice vst advice for that? melda tuner has an option for example but I did’nt like it much, I think is not an easy implementation and qc needs more important things now so I will keep my vote despite the interest :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to wait there are two options for this right now. Buy a Fishman Triple Play pickup (a bit bulky and doesn’t fit on every guitar) or try this:

Btw. I can absolutley recommend the app PD Space Guitar from PD Guitar Effects . A great way to get polyphonic synth sound out of your guitar.

Another advantage of this way is, that you can use the phone as audio source, as looper or as tuner if the QC tuner is not suitable for you (like if you are playing a true temperament guitar).

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Wow, many thanks for this post!
I have no iphone…but I appreciate the effort you put into this.
I was about to put a bluetooth on my rig to play backtrack with phone.
And my previous pedalboard was a nuc pc with midi controller.
You gave me the idea of using my old phone and rig it as fx loop, hided underside and governed by qc via midi! I Will use tasker to automate the start process and a screen mirrore to use my usual phone. I will look for a audio to midi android app that tracks well, any advice?
About the tuner… I found the qc one tracks and tune good but yes it lackt temperaments (its an easy implementation…I bet it will be there when they have spare time).
I play various temperament on bass but I use tricks like remembering the cents and using harmonics. a proper tuner on the phone that receives the audio straight into is a very good idea too!

Some cool recommendations here, thanks. Some things I’ll really have to do some research on I think! I’ve also been looking at some of the more expansive synth pedals like the Zoia, or the C4.

I had also taken a look at Zoia and C4. I must confess that they were too complex for me. Whereas my Guitar2Midi setup has changed again completely in the meantime. I got my Fishman Triplay out again. Sounds really great with a Waldorf Quantum :slight_smile: