Guitar To MIDI

MIDI GUITAR 2 converts a regular guitar signal into polyphonic MIDI with low latency and great tracking. It runs well on an iPad Air 2 (2014), so it’s not CPU hungry. It uses a neural net, so it’s aesthetically a perfect fit for a Neural DSP device. Having this available as a block in the Quad Cortex would be a huge win in marketing for the QC. No other modeler has anything like it. I’d gladly pay an extra $100 just to have this block, to cover any licensing fees.

For those unfamiliar with what this means, it would allow you to use the Quad Cortext to control synthesizers and samplers. Wanna play strings, or piano, or sax, or a ripping synth lead with your guitar? This would let you do that.

I might be wrong, but… iPad Air 2 (2014) uses Apple A8X chip which is 5 years newer than QC’s processor and probably runs circles around QC. I haven’t really researched the QC yet, but it looks like QuadCortex uses CPU weaker than ‘Amazon Fire TV 4k Stick’ — a flash-drive size device I bought on Amazon Day for 25$.

Guitar Midi on the QC would be fantastic! I believe there is a feature request for vst support, if that ever comes to fruition we would be able to see if there;s enough processing power to run Guitar Midi.

@Muse that’s a good point, yes the processors in the QC are detailed here:

It has a good amount of DSP horsepower but the ARM CPUs are not exactly recent or super powerful, the Arm Cortex 5 CPU was meant for lower power lower demand processing than other Cortex processors. The Apple A8X CPU is 3x faster clocked, has several cores vs 1 ARM core on each SoC in the QC, and an integrated GPU. I think the ARM cores in the QC have to drive the screen using some other offboard chip and it lacks a GPU or advanced graphics in the SoC.


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Yes!! I would love to see this feature as well. I am trying to find the best solution for using Midi Guitar 2 with an iPhone through the Quad Cortex USB. Any help setting this up is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Jim