Preset advice for QC with Midi Guitar 2


I am using Jam Origin’s Midi Guitar 2 with my QC (USB iPad/iPhone) and able to to get the midi sounds ok. However, don’t know how to create a preset/scene so that switching between the normal gtr sound and midi sound from Midi Guitar would be quick and simple in a live situation. Any ideas?

I’m interested in exploring this setup myself, but haven’t done it yet.

How is the guitar/Pad connected to the QC? What inputs are you using? I assume you have separate in/out channels for midi and guitar audio?

If we know how you’re connected and rigged up so far, we can suggest some preset features that will let you switch

Guitar Input 1, iPad USB.
When Input 1 on the Grid > both GTR and Midi sounds
When USB (input) on the Grid > only Midi sound

Pure GTR only when I switch the USB off ( manually turning the virtual knob)

how is your guitar connected to the pad to drive the software?
Have you tried connecting the guitar to a different input on the quad?
Can you select USB outputs in the software?

It looks like presently the Midi software only sends on channels 1 and 2.
Routing the guitar to a different input (return 1 or 2) might be the only way to separate the signals.
Not sure if this’ll work though.