Audio Drop Out / Noise when in Scene Mode

Hello people,

i’m running a backing track in Logic Pro for our live shows with MIDI patch changes. I got all my different scenes set but now i run in to two major problems:

  1. theres a noticeable audio drop out when switching scenes w/ MIDI CC
  2. sometimes when scrolling through the backing track template the QC goes crazy (it makes a cracky noise like you would unplug a guitar, the lights would go on and off for like 10sec. and during that time it wont let you control anything)

anyone else running into the same issue?

thanks in advance

Use a MIDI monitor to see the MIDI traffic between Logic and QC. Logic could be sending QC some unexpected MIDI messages. Audio dropout when switching scenes could be different level setting in the scenes. Check to see if switching scenes using QC does the same thing. Check to be sure you don’t have any backing tracks that aren’t 48kHz sampling rate.

I just posted about a similar issue happening with our setup (running Ableton though).

Have you been doing this with the QC only after CorOS 2 or previously also? I have a feeling something changed with the update because we’ve only been hearing the delay/dropout when doing switches after we updated to CorOS 2.

The other issue your describing though we haven’t encountered FYI.