Quad Cortex Dropout and Clicks

I’ve preordered a QC, and so far a lot of the reviews look great, but I saw one earlier that made me quite concerned about it: https://youtu.be/MI7E3umKJI0?t=444

In that video at the timestamp linked to, he demonstrates considerable drop out of audio when switching presets, and whilst I know there will be some delay, this seems excessive, but he does mention that the preset he is using has a lot going on, when he switches back to his clean tone, it’s definitely quicker.

Also, it seems that there is a click when changing scenes.

Can someone from Neural DSP explain why the popping is there, and is there any work going into reducing the dropout between presets?


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Is the drop out you refer to based on his presets using output 1 & 2 which are XLR but he is actually connected to output 3 & 4 which are 1/4? He has the audio drop because he didn’t save the output to 3 & 4 so he had to keep manually changing it.

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This was addressed by Doug today. The audio drop out has already been fixed. Just a prime example of why the QC is ready for the beta testers but not ready for release just yet.


I think they just addressed the popping not the audio drop

Dougs comment from today on the discord: Scenes and Stomps are seamless (the glitches on Paul’s Scene switching are gone already)


I don’t think so, at the timestamp I posted he’s not changing the output to fix the issue

Thanks Aaron, that’s good to hear, you mention that the audio drop out has been fixed, is that on presets? I’m joining the discord now, I didn’t realise they had one they were active in


Ok. Sorry about that. I was viewing on my phone and it goes to the main YouTube video without showing the timestamp.

Sell me a unit and call me a Beta tester -

I would deal with any hiccups. It also reinforces your reputation when people see minor issues and you jump on it and get it fixed. You need some people that will use this live as a main source to test. Having people that review it for you, but won’t necessarily be using it as their main device is nice for feature presentation and getting the word out but they can’t run through scenarios that a live user might run in to.

No worries, he does have that problem somewhere else in the video, but I’m not majorly concerned about that tbh, it’s going to be mostly home use with the same outputs for me

There’s a lot of great conversations in the discord. Definitely worth checking out. As far as beta testing goes. They will figure out a lot of what needs to be fixed in the mean time. But the real test is when the QC goes live and is in the hands of thousands of people. That is where a lot of the issues will be found. Neural is just making sure to get us the best possible unit from the jump. All updates after the initial release will only improve the overall experience and add a lot of features.

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Can the pause be shortened between preset changes in a update?

Or it would be cool if the second preset could be semi loaded, but I’m guessing that would use too much CPU if the four rows on a preset are filled.

Or is there a drop out if I’m switching between the 4 lines/channels? I was imaging having 2 amps and effect chains loaded and just switching from one to the other

You can have up to 4 rigs in one preset. In addition, different settings can be made in all the blocks for each scene, so you can get 8 different sounds per preset. Is it not enough for one song? The switching between scenes is gapless. The little gap between songs does no matter for me.

no. that can be done in stomp or scene mode within one preset. Once all the algorithms and routing is loaded within a preset there is no drops or delays. the only action that will have a drop is switching presets. This. is the case in all hardware devices that need to load CPUs with heavy algorithms.

All units like the Helix and the FM3 give drop outs switching patches… That why they have Snapshots or Scenes. I think he was being hypercritical as everyone else testing it has been very happy !! Plus how many times do you use a patch with that many components and that many branches… Unrealistic…I think you will be happy , but when in doubt wait for Mk 2 …

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the 1750$ that’s about to leave my pocket is squirming at the thought of a mk. 2 arriving too soon.

its not an issue, A he was on Beta,its been fixed, B you cant swap single amp Banks OR full prests on any modeller,And C he used it wrong, should have been using scenes,like helix snap shots,

dont worry about it…

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