Artifacting when using Pitch Shifter

CorOS Version: 1.3.4

Describe your issue:
When I use the pitch shifter the audio is sporadically glitching/artifacting, which is especially apparent when shifting up and using clean amps.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Any clean preset with Pitch Shifter shifting in either direction
    Most apparent on +1 but still noticable on -3 as well

I have tried the following things:

  • Checked levels - nothing is clipping anywhere
  • Placement of the pitch shifter in the chain
  • Blank preset apart from pitch shifter

Hi @TexTr0 and apologies for your issues. Since this is not a normal occurrence etc., you would be best served by reaching out direct to NDSP via to get sorted quickly.

I have noticed some artifacts with the pitch shifting on QC, especially when going up or down a full octave. That may be replicating with the modeled POG does, or it may be a DSP or algorithm limitation in QC. Helix poly effects don’t have this issue, so hopefully it is something that can be addressed in future blocks.

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I have had this same issue which forces me to still use my dt whammy unfortunately.

I spoke with Doug about this and he is aware, this is not a isolated incident with your unit but a general issue with the pitch shifting block quality.

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I too have experienced strange things with the Pitch Shifter.

Yesterday, I created a new preset, not too complicated : an amp (AC30, modeled) , a Cab, a Splitter , one delay on the ‘A’ path, onother one on the ‘B’ path, with a Pitch Shifter (-6 cents) on the ‘B’ path, a Reverb after the Splitter Merge point.

This sounded good until I decided to add an Overdrive at the very beginning of the chain and I noticed a strange ‘phase/flanger’ like effect …
I tried to turn the ‘Phase’ knob on the ‘Merge’ part of the Splitter, but it didn’t help…

If I switch off the Pitch Shifter, everything sounded good again…

Another strange thing I noticed with the Pitch Shifter : It seems to lower the gain of the signal …

Also noticed the same artifacting issue with the Wham effect, so it seems it got something to do with how pitch shifting in general is processed.

Have the same feeling about the gain.
Noticed it most when going down drastically, like 5-6 semitones or more.

Same problem here with that glitching, especially when going down a full step using clean sounds

Having spent considerable time using pitching shifting on the Kemper, AxeFX II, AxeFX III, and now QC in live settings, they all exhibit same kind of artifacting. The more the pitch is shifted, the more gain is sapped. Pitching up is considerably worse than pitching down. Weaker transients (tapping, etc.) have worse tracking. Phasing and tracking issues are generally more noticeable with cleaner sounds.

I rank the QC above the Kemper and below the AxeFX III. Shifting even a half step up on the QC and Kemper is not great, but the Kemper is worse. Shifting down is better on the QC as well.

Same issue here. I find it usable with distorted sounds but with clean it sounds pretty bad. I dont think its a fault or failing i just dont think the pitch shifter is great. Would love to see it bettered in a update. Woild be really cool to pitch down for baritone cleans.

The answer I got from Neural is that the pitch shifter is not polyphonic, that’s the problem with glitches and artifacting, especially when you play several notes at the same time…

Hopefully they are making a polyphonic pitch shifter . I think most need it more than the current one.

Experiencing this issue exactly to a T.
I have the pitch shift block set first in the chain and whether I even go up a semitone or a full or down one - regardless I get a constant glitch that’s noticeable when playing 8th note speed and above.

Especially noticeable for clean sounds, but it’s also present with drive, it’s just covered up a bit.

I can recreate the glitch by just alternate picking a single string with 8th notes. It’s very bad and would make the pitch shifter obsolete in a live setting when playing to tight, rhythmic parts.

Hi @Tahopton87 and welcome to the community!
Please reach out to and they will get you sorted and get this logged.
There are multiple variables for the glitching noises and or it could be a bug that can be resolved in future updates but support is 100% the best process to get that resolved for you.

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